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Build your own Engines DIY EngineDIY steam engines, V8 engines, order online engines build yourself

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What is EngineDIY

EngineDIY is a website where you can build your own engines. Build engines like a V8 engine, 2-16 cylinder engines, steam engines and more.
    Here are some engines you can build.
  • FS-V800 Nitro Engine - Build Your Own V8 Engine 1/10 Scale for RC Car & Boat
  • 2-4 Cylinder Stirling Mod - 2-4-16 Cylinder Engine Stirling Engine With LED
  • Flame Licker Engine - Flame Dancer-Vacuum Engine More Powerful Than Stirling Engine
  • Physics Stirling Model - V8 Engine Mode Wimshurst Electrostatic Model

DIY Do it yourself mini engine kits

Founded in 2009 they began retailing engine kits from China, then expanded to an international e-commmerce site. If there's an engine that you need or are interested in, check it out.

DIY steam engines and steam engine parts.

Build steam engines like Kacio, Aeolipile, Enjomore, childrens steam engines.
  • KACIO WS100L 850mL Horizontal Steam Boiler
  • Aeolipile Mini Steam Engine Full Metal Hero's Engine Model Physics Toy
  • Steam Engine Model DIY Kit Children Steam Engine Experiment Model
  • DIY Assembly Steam Engine Kit Model Science Experiment with Electric Generator
  • ENJOMOR DIY Assembly Steam Engine Kit Retro Vertical with Spherical Boiler DIY KIT
  • ENJOMOR Watt Steam Engine Reactor Model Steam Pump with Boiler Generator Scientific Educational Toys for Desktop Decor
  • KACIO LS3-13S Steam Engine 3-cylinder Reciprocating Engine with Oil Cup Reverse Rotation Steam Model Boat
  • Microcosm M88 Mini Steam Engine Full Metal Live Steam Engine Model Kit Creative Gift Set
  • Mini Steam Engine Single Cylinder Live Steam Engine Model Kit Creative Gift Set
  • UFO Spin Suspension Steam Engine Model DIY Engine Kit with Copper Boiler and Alcohol Lamp
  • Mini Live Steam Engine Model Single Cylinder Swing Steam Engine with Boiler
  • Multi Stage Steam Turbine Physics Equipment Demonstration Educational Toy
  • Microcosm M89 Mini Steam Boiler Steam Engine Model Gift Collection DIY Stirling Engine
  • Metal Steam Turbine Engine JT-II Desktop Engine Model
  • 12V Mini Model Dynamo for Steam Engine
  • Steam Engine Model Kit Full Metal Steam Generator Steam Heating Boiler with 4 Alcohol Lamps
  • Miniature Steam Engine Kit Single Cylinder Engine Model Toy Gifts
  • Mini V4 Steam Engine Miniature Steam Engine Model without Boiler
  • All-metal Mini Steam Turbine Engine Model | Engine DIY Part
  • Microcosm M81 Mini Steam Engine Kit Micro Scale Model Gift Collection
  • M6 Mini Steam Engine Kit with Steam Engine Boiler Gift Collection

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