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Before making a purchase on, read what Reddit users have to say about the site's legitimacy. Get the inside scoop here.

Is Coach Outlet a reputable site?

If you're considering making a purchase on, you may be wondering if the site is legitimate. To get a better idea of the site's reputation, it can be helpful to read what Reddit users have to say about their experiences with

Introduction to is an online retailer that offers discounted Coach products, including handbags, wallets, and accessories. The site is owned by Coach, Inc., the American luxury fashion company known for its high-quality leather goods. While offers lower prices than Coach's main website and physical stores, some shoppers may be hesitant to make a purchase due to concerns about the site's legitimacy.

Reddit users' experiences with

Reddit users have shared their experiences with, with some reporting positive experiences and others warning of potential scams. Some users have reported receiving authentic Coach products at discounted prices, while others have received lower quality items or experienced issues with shipping and customer service. Some claim the quality isn't as good as the Coach items purchased directly from a Coach store or online. Others state the differences are minimal. The overall consensus is the quality isn't as good and that's why the prices are so much better.

Positive reviews of

Many Reddit users have reported positive experiences with, praising the site for its discounted prices on authentic Coach products. Some users have even shared photos of their purchases, showing off their new handbags and wallets. Many users recommend signing up for the site's email newsletter to stay updated on sales and promotions. Overall, these users believe that is a legitimate and trustworthy retailer.

Negative reviews of

While many Reddit users have had positive experiences with, there are also some negative reviews to consider. Some users have reported receiving damaged or lower quality items.

Final take on's legitimacy.

Even though we found mixed reviews about's quality, there is no doubt they are legit. They are authentic Coach items, is the quality as good as what you would find on Rodeo drive, possibly not, but the prices are lower as well, something to consider.