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Get This OfferHands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 2nd Edition
Get This OfferThis case study offers site reliability engineers, managers, and organizational practitioners a clear example of how a tool influenced SRE behavior by adapting to SRE culture.
Get This OfferExplore the types of databases available, the difference between standard database services vs. cloud native databases, and key considerations when migrating on-premises databases to the cloud
Get This OfferThis second edition discusses new, exact model explanation techniques, and de-emphasizes the trade-off between accuracy and interpretability.
Get This OfferAuthor Chris Bartholomew shows you how Kafka and Pulsar compare and where they differ. Learn the advantages that make Pulsar a compelling alternative to Kafka.
Get This OfferMike Amundsen introduces developers and network administrators to the basic concepts and challenges of monitoring and managing API traffic.
Get This OfferThis practical report provides two approaches to implementing deep learning in your organization: build and train your own deep learning models, or leverage pre-trained models.
Get This OfferLearn how this blockchain service model has evolved and what it offers. You'll also examine the landscape of BaaS offerings, get a project started, and learn where the technology is going.
Get This OfferIn this report, technical program managers in Google SRE take you through case studies that demonstrate how infrastructure change projects are managed at Google.
Get This OfferThis practical report provides managers with practices and strategies for fostering collaboration within their organizations.
Get This OfferIn this report, developer advocates from IBM explain what you need to know when building new cloud-based applications.
Get This OfferThis hands-on guide shows you how to automate your IT operations using HashiCorp Terraform and VMware.
Get This OfferThis report examines the challenges of client-side reliability and provides a useful set of SRE concepts and tools you can apply to your own apps.
Get This OfferIf you're a software engineer with a working knowledge of Kubernetes, this practical report demonstrates how to extend this container orchestration system to take advantage of all its capabilities.
Get This OfferThis practical report explains how engineers can use Ghidra to analyze malware and determine its impact on vulnerable systems.
Get This OfferThis practical ebook explores a new crop of self-service data preparation tools and services, including IBM Watson Studio, for automating data wrangling.
Get This OfferThis practical report shows how to conduct a complete incident response program throughout your organization.
Get This OfferThis practical report explains how the JAMstack delivers better performance, higher security, and lower cost of scaling than server-run web apps.
Get This OfferIf you're considering a multicloud approach to host applications this report walks you through the pros and cons of migrating to these environments, particularly for securing your applications.
Get This OfferLearn how the RESTful API simplifies configuration, how to run applications written in different languages on the same server, and how to use NGINX Unit as the foundation for your service mesh.
Get This OfferWith this practical report, technical and non-technical leaders alike will explore the fundamental elements necessary to embark on a data analytics initiative.
Get This OfferThis practical report examines the significant benefits that serverless brings to application security, as well as the considerable risks involved when you configure a serverless system
Get This OfferThis report explains how leading financial and technology companies are investing heavily in this new Internet of Money.
Get This OfferThis report examines the potential that DLT and blockchain have for transforming the banking industry. You'll learn how both can help bring about the "Internet of Value."
Get This OfferIn this report, you'll explore the benefits of microservices and their limitations.
Get This OfferUsing real-world experiences and use cases, the report focuses on three of the most commonly observed attributes in a miniservice: consistency, transactionality, and proximity.
Get This OfferGo beyond the hype to discover valuable opportunities for using blockchain in your business. The practical examples in this report will inspire you to get started on your own project
Get This OfferLewis Gavin explores key aspects of data engineering and presents a case study from Spotify that demonstrates the tremendous value of this role
Get This OfferVladik Khononov introduces the key patterns and practices of domain-driven design and shows you how to apply them to improve the success rate of your projects.
Get This OfferAndrew Stellman examines the fundamentals of Scrum and Kanban, and explains how a Scrumban hybrid can combine Scrum and Kanban effectively and take both of them to the next level.
Get This OfferExperts Adam Lawrence, Marc Stickdorn, Markus Hormeß, and Jakob Schneider explain that service design is a mindset, a process, a toolset, and a cross-disciplinary language.
Get This OfferThis report walks you through the different types of tokens, along with their properties and both operational and conceptual use cases.
Get This OfferIn this instructive guide, Lukas Ruebbelke and Brian Love take you through the key benefits that are helping enterprises of all stripes save time and money with Angular.

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