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Your Walgreens membership rewards just got better when you add your AARP card to your Walgreens account. Spend money on Walgreens branded health and wellness and get 10% rewards, take advantage of 7% rewards beauty and personal care, and 3% rewards on anything else.

How does AARP card membership work?

After you link your AARP card to your Walgreens account you can simply take advantage of rewards and savings by either showing your myWalgreens card or your AARP card at checkout, if you are in store. if you are shopping online simply log in and your rewards and offers will automatically be applied.

Seniors save 20% at Walgreens on the first Tuesday of every month and every day when shopping online.

That’s right, enjoy savings of 20% for all seniors who shopped the first Tuesday of each month in store, in case you missed the first Tuesday of each month and don’t want to wait until next month, simply log onto and take advantage of 20% off every single day.

Join the myWalgreens rewards program for free it’s easy to sign up and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

It’s so easy to sign up for the myWalgreens rewards program, simply visit this link here to sign up online or ask when you’re in the checkout line in store and they will provide you with a my Walgreens rewards card and application.

Save more at Walgreens with coupon codes and promo codes in conjunction with your myWalgreens and AARP benefits!

Here at daily bargains we have tons of coupon codes and promo codes for Walgreens which are updated daily so you never have to deal with expired Walgreens coupon codes or coupon codes that don’t work. Come visit us and see our latest coupon and promo codes to help you save more while you shop Walgreens and Use this in conjunction with Walgreens myWalgreens and AARP membership benefits.


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  1. How do I register my AARP Membership to take advantage of Walgreens special offers ? My Winona MN Walgreens was of no help for me this date to activate a special promotion (postcard) received from My Walgreens.

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