Looking for the DC 25 Parts Manual?

You can start with the Dyson DC 25 parts manual to either get the part number or name of the part you are looking for. We will break down the parts from the manual to help you identify which parts you need for your Dyson DC 25 or Animal 25 Upright Vacuum.

Dyson DC25 Parts List – Replacement Parts for your Upright Vacuum

  • Pre Filter – Part No 919171-02
  • Post Filter – Part No 916188-06
  • Post Filter Door – Part No 915447-06
  • Stair Tool – Part No 915100-02
  • Cyclone – Part No 915531-24
  • Hose – Part No 915677-09
  • Mini turbine head brush bar – Part No 922341-01
  • End cap – Part No 916207-01
  • Cleaner head – Part No 915499-07
  • Tangle free turbine tool soleplate – Part No 963826-01
  • Brush bar – Part No 917391-03
  • End cap – Part No 916183-01
  • Soleplate Part No 916184-01
  • Wand handle – Part No 915676-01
  • Combination tool – Part No 914338-01
  • User guide – Part No 914657-18
  • Bin – Part No 915530-01
  • Post filter door – Part No 915447-12

Vacuum Filters for your DC 25 Dyson Upright Ball – Pre Filters and Post Filters

Washable DC25 Hepa Filter Part No 919171-02 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Shop Dyson DC25 Filters at Amazon. Pre-Motor Filter. Shop Dyson DC 25 Filters on eBay.

Replacement Hose for Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum – Part 915677-09

Dyson DC25 Replacement Hose Part No 915677-09

Shop genuine Dyson DC 25 Upright Vacuum replacement hoses for your Orange ball and Purple Animal Ball Vacuum OEM part number 915677-09. Shop Dyson DC 25 Hoses at Amazon. OEM hoses and generic hoses. Shop Dyson DC25 Hoses at

Should you buy an OEM part or save money and buy a generic part for your Dyson DC25?

A common question regarding parts is if it’s worth it to buy a non-oem part for 30, 40 even 50% cheaper than the OEM counterpart? The easy answer would be listen to the old adage “you get what you pay for”. However, in this day and age we have the luxury of getting instant reviews on a part.

So what we would recommend is, check the reviews. If you can get a minimum of 4 stars and closer to 4.5 to 5 stars on a non oem part, the by all means do it. Also check the return policy in the event the part doesn’t meet your standards.

If you don’t have any basis on a non oem part, I would not gamble on that part I would stick to the trusted oem part.

Dyson DC 25 Cyclone Part 915531

Need to change out your Dyson DC25 Cyclone part? 915531-24 or 03. The Cyclone is the part that attaches to the front of your vacuum and provides Dyson’s patented “never lose suction”. Shop Dyson DC 25 Cyclone on Amazon. Orange or Purple (for Animal) Shop DC25 Cyclone Assembly on Ebay.


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