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The need for expedited passport services happens, you get busy, time flies by and now you only have a few weeks. If you’re facing emergency situations, last-minute travel plans, or just want to avoid the lengthy wait times associated with standard passport processing, FedEx’s RushMyPassport service becomes a lifesaver for time-pressed travelers. This article explores the definition of RushMyPassport, details its timeline, calculates the approximate costs associated with using, and contrasts it with the timeframe provided by the government website service.

Are you in urgent need of a passport? Traveling can be quite difficult if you forget an important paperwork or realize your passport is soon to expire.

What is FedEx’s RushMyPassport Service?

In an effort to provide U.S. citizens with expedited passport services, FedEx and collaborated to create the RushMyPassport service. This service handles a variety of requests, including name changes, revisions, and the addition of pages to already-existing passports, in addition to new passport applications and renewals. Travelers in a hurry who require passport services considerably faster than the usual processing periods allow would particularly benefit from it.

Timetable for Using RushMyPassport from FedEx

Choose a Service Type:

  • Select the Service Needed: Choose the type of passport service required (replacement, child, renewal, or new passport).
  • Urgency: Specify how soon you need the passport service.
  • Additional Costs: Note that shipping and government fees are not included in the expedited cost and must be paid directly to the US Department of State.
    • Government Fees: Adult fees start at $190, and children’s fees begin at $160.

Finish the Online Wizard:

  • Account Registration: Register for a govWorks account after selecting your expedited service options.
  • Documentation: Utilize the easy-to-use wizard to get the paperwork needed for your passport application.

Visit a FedEx Office for Your Passport Photo:

  • Requirement: A government-compliant photo is necessary for each passport application.
  • FedEx Office: Obtain your passport photo by visiting a FedEx Office location.

Prepare Documentation and Ship

  • Documentation Checklist: Ensure all necessary paperwork is complete by reviewing your checklist.
  • Mailing Guidelines: Follow specific instructions for mailing your documents.
  • Passport Acceptance Agent: Note that some services may be handled through a Passport Acceptance Agent and might not necessitate a FedEx mailing label.

Costs for FedEx RushMyPassport (Approximately)

  • Rush Service: $169 for 6-7 business days.
  • Standard Service: $119 for 8–10 working days.
  • Fast Renewal: $992 for 10–12 business days.

Official Government Passport Service Timeline

  • Post Office Standard Processing Times: Currently 6–8 weeks, plus an additional 2 weeks for mailing.
  • Expedited Processing with “Rushmypassport”: Offers expedited passport processing in as little as three business days.

Although it comes at a cost, FedEx’s RushMyPassport service offers a useful option when you’re short on time and need your passport immediately. It provides a selection of faster choices to accommodate different budgets and schedules. The government’s usual processing times, however, provide a more economical option for individuals who can wait.

Your Guide to Renewing Your Passport: A Friendly Checklist

Getting ready to renew your passport? Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you’ve got everything covered, minus the jargon.

Getting Started: Your Application Form (DS-82)

  • Fill Out Online & Print: Hop online to fill out the DS-82 form. Remember to print it single-sided.
  • No Pen to Paper: Unfortunately, the charm of handwriting won’t work here; the form needs to be completed online.
  • Barcode Check: Make sure those handy barcodes (DS-82 B) are visible at the bottom right of the first and second pages.

Your Passport Photo

  • Picture Perfect: You’ll need a 2 x 2 inch color photo with a clean white backdrop, taken by a pro in the last six months.
  • Dress Code: Leave the uniform and hat for another day, and opt out of wearing a white shirt to stand out against the background.
  • Glasses Off: Glasses are a no-go for passport photos now.
  • App for That: Try the Passport Photo Creator app and swing by Walgreens to pick up your prints.

Your Current Passport

  • Keep It Included: Don’t forget to send your current or soon-to-be-outdated passport along with your paperwork.
  • Condition Matters: It should be in good shape, issued within the last 15 years but not older than 10.
  • No Wear and Tear: Damaged or mutilated passports won’t make the cut.
  • Changed Your Name?: If you’ve changed your name since your last passport was issued, bring along a certified document of the change (like a marriage certificate).

Covering the Costs: Government Fees

  • The Check: You’re looking at $209.53 for just the Passport Book, or $239.53 for both the Book and Card. Write your check to the “US Department of State”.
  • Check Details: Make sure your check has your pre-printed name and address up top – no temporary checks, please. Add your full name and date of birth in the memo for easy tracking.

Planning Your Trip: Travel Itinerary

  • Proof of Plans: Airline, cruise, or hotel bookings work here. If you’re traveling for business, a letter on company letterhead does the trick too.
  • Matching Dates: Your travel dates on the DS-82 and your itinerary should sync up, with your name clearly listed.

Giving Permission: Letter of Authorization

  • Granting Access: This letter allows RushMyPassport to step in for you at the U.S. Department of State.
  • Details Matter: Make sure the courier’s name matches exactly on all documents to avoid delays. Sign this one in black ink.

Shipping it Off: Overnight Pre-paid Shipping Label

  • Label Up: You’ll find this in your Step 2 email. Print it out and attach it to your shipping envelope for speedy delivery.

Final Touches: Important Notes

  • Eligibility Check: Your passport must have been issued for 10 years but not more than 15 years ago. Give it a once-over before sending.
  • Last Call: Before you send everything off, give us a ring for a final document review and to confirm receipt of your Letter of Authorization.

Navigating the passport renewal process can be a breeze with a little preparation. This checklist should help you ensure nothing gets missed along the way. Safe travels!


It states that I have to be present in person; are you not taking care of that for me?

That is accurate if you are not utilizing a third-party expeditor.
Only contact a passport acceptance agent at your neighborhood post office or county clerk if you are using an outside expediting service, like You should not sign the application until you are in front of the acceptance agent, as this is required for the agent to confirm your identification. The relevant documents will be sealed into an envelope by the agent. You will mail us this sealed envelope to expedite the process.


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