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All kinds of deals and sales on heels at TJ Maxx. Get 20% off already great prices on various types of heels.

Here are the types of heels you can find on sale or at great prices at TJ Maxx.

There are many types of heels for women, including:

  1. Stiletto heels: These are tall, narrow heels that are usually at least 3-4 inches tall.
  2. Kitten heels: These are short and slender heels that are usually no more than 2 inches tall.
  3. Wedge heels: These heels are thick at the back and gradually become thinner towards the front.
  4. Block heels: These heels are square or rectangular in shape and have a thick, sturdy base.
  5. Cone heels: These are heels that are wider at the sole and narrow down to a point at the base.
  6. Platform heels: These heels have a thick sole that elevates the foot from the ground, making them appear taller.
  7. Ankle strap heels: These heels have a strap that goes around the ankle to provide additional support.
  8. Peep-toe heels: These are heels with an opening at the front that allows the toes to peek out.
  9. Slingback heels: These are heels with a strap that goes around the back of the ankle to keep the shoe in place.
  10. Mules: These are open-toed or closed-toed shoes that have no back or heel support. They can have different heel heights.

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