The HIV RNA test is for people who want to find out if they are reactive to HIV and is accurate much earlier than an HIV Antibody test. Learn more and save money with our coupon codes as well as get a 100% private test.

The Difference Between HIV RNA and HIV Antibody Test

The HIV antibody test actually tests your body for HIV antibodies which show up later than the HIV RNA test which actually tests for the HIV genetic materials of the virus. The test will show positive if you are reactive and negative if you are non-reactive.

How Soon Should I Take an HIV RNA Test.

For the best and most accurate results, it is recommended between 9-11 days after you believe you would be exposed to any STD’s or Viruses. You can expect a 95-99% accuracy rate during this time period and after almost a month the accuracy rate is almost 100%.

Is the HIV RNA Test FDA Approved?

Yes it is, and currently it is the only HIV test that is FDA approved.

Will Early Detection with an HIV RNA Test Help my Prognosis?

Yes it will, the sooner you find out and are diagnosed the sooner you can get on ART (anti-retroviral therapy). Also you can save someone else from getting infected, as many people don’t know they have anything and transmit it to other people.

What is the Cost of an HIV RNA Test?

Normally an HIV RNA test is $349 but we have a link for $10 off so the total cost is $339. You can find HIV RNA tests near you or near your location. Simply click the link, (coupon will automatically be applied), enter your zip code and you will get locations nearest you. You can choose whether to have the results emails, via a phone call or neither, you can check / login online with your account or call in for results to keep it as private as possible.

Is there an HIV RNA Labcorp In the Search Results?

Yes there is, many zip codes will have a Labcorp nearby for your HIV RNA test.


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