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Looking to expand your outdoor adventures or upgrade your home tech? Monoprice is offering a variety of discounts and deals across their product range, alongside some inspiration to celebrate Park and Recreation Month (July 5th – 17th).

Monoprice Unveils Exciting New Offers to Elevate Your Summer Fun
  • Celebrate Park and Recreation Month Explore Ideas to Enjoy Outdoor (7/5 – 7/17)
  • Limited Time Only! Keystone Jacks Buy 100 for $100 Shop Now (7/5- 7/17)
  • Prime Day Offering! Take an extra $75 OFF $300+ Use promo code: 75MP (7/11 – 7/15)
  • Prime Day Offering! Take an extra $10 off $50+ w/ Promo Code: 10MP (7/11 – 7/14)

Celebrate Park and Recreation Month with Monoprice

In honor of Park and Recreation Month, Monoprice invites you to explore the great outdoors with a variety of activities designed to get you moving and having fun. From picnics and outdoor sports to family-friendly games and nature walks, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the summer sun.

Keystone Jacks Limited Time Offer

For a brief period, Monoprice is offering an unbeatable deal on Keystone Jacks. Buy 100 for $100 using promo codes BULK1, BULK2, or BULK3. This offer is exclusive to products on the designated page and cannot be combined with other promotions.

Top Picks for Keystone Jacks

  • Monoprice Cat5e Punch Down Keystone Jack for 22-24AWG Solid Wire, Black – $1.39
  • Monoprice Cat5e Punch Down Keystone Jack for 22-24AWG Solid Wire, Blue – $1.39
  • Monoprice Cat5e Punch Down Keystone Jack for 22-24AWG Solid Wire, Beige – $1.39
  • Monoprice Cat5e Punch Down Keystone Jack for 22-24AWG Solid Wire, Orange – $1.39

Prime Day Offers You Won’t Want to Miss

In celebration of Prime Day, Monoprice is offering two exclusive deals. Use promo code 75MP to receive $75 off orders over $300 or promo code 10MP for $10 off orders over $50. These offers are only valid for a limited time, so be sure to shop soon.

Shop with Monoprice for a Summer to Remember

Monoprice’s latest offers are designed to help you make the most of your summer. From camping essentials to yoga accessories, they’ve got you covered. Be sure to explore their website for fantastic deals and discounts on a wide range of products.

Activity Ideas to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Monoprice suggests the following activities to make the most of Park and Recreation Month:

Why Choose Monoprice?

  • Monoprice offers a wide range of products at competitive prices
  • High-quality electronics, cables, accessories, and more

Head over to to explore these deals and find everything you need for your next outdoor adventure or to upgrade your home tech setup!


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