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For a Limited Time – Check back Often

Looking for customized M&M’s for your business, a party gift like a wedding or graduation and more?

Personalized M&Ms are such a great gift idea or even promotional item for you business that everybody loves. Gifting customized M&Ms can be a great way to promote your business, celebrate a wedding, graduation or birthday as well as so much more.

How much does personalized M&Ms cost?

The smallest bag which is 2lbs starts at $49.99 so let’s call it $25 a pound, $24 a pound for the 5 lb bag and $23 a lb for a 10 lb bag. These are customized with your choice of 3 colors, a selection of text or image and packaging.

Is there a coupon code or promo code for M&Ms in bulk or customized?

Yes there is, when you visit the M&Ms page here, you will get a coupon code at the top of the page that you can use for bulk. If you don’t see a promo code for M&Ms at the top of the page, check the M&Ms coupon and promo codes page here.

Personalized M&M’s with your face on them!

That’s correct! You can get M&M’s with your own face, or images of you and your significant other. Your pet, or whatever image you want (as long as it meets their T&C’s) of course. The sky is the limit, get your order of M&M’s customized with your face on them today!


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