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History buffs and codebreaking enthusiasts, this is your chance to win a thrilling family day out at Bletchley Park! Between June 10th and July 7th, make an online purchase from ESET for a chance to win one of 20 family tickets to Bletchley Park. Explore the historic mansion, learn about the Park’s fascinating past, and test your codebreaking skills in an immersive experience.

Eset between 10th June and 7th July, you have a chance to win a family day out at Bletchley Park

Details of the Offer:

  • Make an online purchase between June 10th and July 7th
  • Automatically be entered into a draw for one of 20 family tickets to Bletchley Park
  • Explore the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers
  • Experience where the famous Enigma code was broken

What’s Bletchley Park?

Bletchley Park is the top-secret home where the brilliant minds of World War Two Codebreakers cracked the infamous Enigma code. Now, you and your family can step into history and explore this fascinating site.

What’s Included?

  • Historic Mansion: Wander through the elegant mansion where codebreakers worked tirelessly to decipher enemy messages. Imagine the tension, the secrecy, and the brilliance that unfolded within these walls.
  • Immersive Experience: Put your codebreaking skills to the test! Participate in hands-on activities, puzzles, and challenges inspired by the real-life work done at Bletchley Park.
  • Fascinating Past: Learn about the heroes who changed the course of history. Discover the stories of Alan Turing, Joan Clarke, and others who played pivotal roles in the war effort.

How to Enter:

  1. Make an online purchase during the specified dates.
  2. Cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Don’t miss this opportunity to win a family day out at Bletchley Park with ESET. Visit their landing page for more information.

Take advantage of this offer from ESET and enjoy a day out with your family at Bletchley Park!


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