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Step into the enchanting world of Disney’s Vera Bradley Cinderella Collection, where hand-sketched artistry and whimsical surprises capture her timeless allure and celebrate friendship, love, and the wonder of embarking on an exciting journey.

Fall in love with the timeless tale of Cinderella all over again with the Disney Vera Bradley Cinderella Collection.

Disney and Vera Bradley have come together to create a enchanting collection inspired by the beloved princess, Cinderella

Available Products:

The Cinderella Travel Bag

Whether you’re jetting off by air or riding in a pumpkin coach, the quilted Cinderella Travel Bag by Vera Bradley is your go-to companion. Carry-on compliant, it features an overall print showcasing Cinderella’s loyal mice and bird friends, who eagerly await to assist you on your way to the Royal Ball or a weekend getaway.

The Cinderella Campus Backpack

For a Royal Ball or a midnight return, the Cinderella Campus Backpack is both practical and enchanting. Its overall print features Cinderella’s mice and bird friends, ready to accompany you. With ample space and delightful details, this backpack is fit for a modern-day princess.

The Princess ID Window Case

Carry proof of your royal status with the Princess ID Window Case. Its quilted satin exterior dazzles with embroidered Cinderella slipper appliqué, stardust, sparkling silver sequins, simulated pearls, and a delicate ribbon. Store coins, cash, and cards in the zip pocket or hang your keys on the attached ring. Your carriage awaits!

The Breathtaking Cinderella Tote

Transform your look from rags to riches with the Cinderella Tote. Luxurious quilted satin, adorned with embroidered character appliqués, stardust, sparkling silver sequins, simulated pearls, and a velvet ribbon, makes this tote a true statement piece. Perfect for a day at the castle or a stroll through the enchanted forest.

The Quilted Cinderella Lunch Tote

Feel like a princess even during lunchtime with the Cinderella Lunch Tote. Its overall print features Cinderella’s mice and bird friends, keeping an eye on your treats throughout the day. Whether you’re at work, school, or a picnic, this tote adds a touch of magic to your mealtime.

The Cinderella Triple Zip Hipster Bag

Effortlessly carry your essentials with the Cinderella Triple Zip Hipster Bag. This crossbody bag boasts plenty of pockets and showcases Cinderella’s mice and bird friends in its overall print. They’ll assist you by stashing everything you need for a quick getaway—no fairy godmother required!

The Breathtaking Cinderella Mini Backpack

For a truly enchanting accessory, consider the Cinderella Mini Backpack. Luxurious quilted satin, embroidered character appliqués, stardust, sparkling silver sequins, simulated pearls, and velvet ribbons combine to create a carry-all fit for a fairy tale. Let Vera Bradley play the role of your very own fairy godmother.

Why Choose Disney’s Vera Bradley Collection:

Vera Bradley is known for their high-quality, stylish, and functional bags and accessories. With the Disney Cinderella Collection, they have combined their signature quilted designs with the magic of Disney, creating a truly enchanting collection for Disney fans of all ages.


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