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What’s Inside the Membership?

  • 20% Off the Creative Market Catalog: Imagine having access to thousands of fonts, graphics, templates, and more—all at a discounted price! With your membership, you’ll enjoy 20% off the entire Creative Market catalog.
  • Monthly Free Asset Drop: Get ready for a delightful surprise each month! Creative Market curates a free asset drop worth up to $1,000. These goodies keep your creative juices flowing and your projects fresh.
Enhance your creative toolkit with a 20% discount on the entire Creative Market catalog. Plus, enjoy a curated monthly drop of free assets worth up to $1,000, perfect for keeping your inspiration flowing.

Fresh Buttercream: The Color of the Season

An example of fresh buttercream colors for digital print ideas.

Q: What color is Buttercream?

A: Buttercream is a soft, warm ivory color. For the above supplied picture, the specific hex code is #FFF7E4, which corresponds to the RGB values of 255, 247, 248.

Fresh Buttercream is Spring 2024’s standout color. Let’s explore why it’s capturing hearts:

  • Warm Ivory Elegance: Picture the natural stone walls of ancient villas along the Amalfi coast. Fresh Buttercream embodies that same warmth and sophistication.
  • Beachside Calm: It’s the hue of light sand and seashells—the calm mornings near the beach when the world feels serene.
  • Versatile and Understated: Fresh Buttercream works wonders as a background or a crisp type color. Pair it with striking textures and gradients for a timeless look.
  • A Touch of Nostalgia: There’s something comforting about this shade. It’s like a gentle nod to the past, wrapped in modern elegance.

Explore the Fresh Buttercream Collection

Ready to infuse your designs with this delightful color? Head over to the Fresh Buttercream Collection on Creative Market. Here are some popular fonts from the collection:

  1. Buttercream Script: A flowing script font that adds a touch of whimsy to invitations, branding, and social media graphics.
    An example of buttercream script font
  2. Amalfi Serif: Inspired by the coastal beauty of Amalfi, this serif font exudes sophistication.An example of Amalfi Serif Font
  3. Seashell Sans: A clean and minimal sans-serif font—perfect for modern designs.
    An example of seashell script font

Spring Color Trends for Digital Design on Creative Market

Explore the vibrant and versatile color trends making waves in the digital design world this spring. Whether you’re updating your branding, creating stunning graphics, or seeking inspiration for your next project, these hues are worth considering:

Glacial Blue

Soft icy blues are making a significant impact in digital design. Think elegant website backgrounds, sleek app interfaces, and stylish social media templates. This tranquil shade is being embraced for its ability to add a calm and sophisticated touch to various digital assets.

Apricot Crush

This refreshing and energetic orange is catching the eye of trend analysts. Despite its brightness, it’s surprisingly easy to integrate into your designs. Use Apricot Crush to create vibrant illustrations, eye-catching call-to-action buttons, or lively infographics to add a pop of color to your projects.

Intense Rust

Looking ahead to the fall season, intense rust is a warm and earthy color that exudes depth and richness. It pairs beautifully with neutrals and adds a cozy feel to any design. Consider using this hue for vintage-inspired graphics, rustic-themed templates, or to add a touch of warmth to your digital products.

Midnight Plum

A rich, deep plum hue brings sophistication and drama to digital designs. Use it for luxurious website headers, elegant social media posts, or striking logo designs. This color adds a sense of refinement and can make your projects stand out with its bold and classy vibe.

Sustained Grey

Grey continues to be a timeless and versatile choice in digital design. It evokes a sense of calm and professionalism, making it perfect for sleek business templates, minimalistic UI designs, and monochrome illustrations. Grey’s neutral quality allows it to blend seamlessly with other colors.

Cool Matcha

Inspired by the soothing green of matcha tea, this color trend offers a fresh and natural vibe. It’s perfect for spring and summer designs, adding a sense of tranquility and vitality. Use Cool Matcha for nature-themed graphics, organic product branding, or serene background elements.

Remember, these colors can be incorporated into your digital designs, from website layouts to social media graphics and beyond. Feel free to experiment with these hues and find what resonates with your creative vision!

Why Choose Creative Market?

  • High-Quality Assets: Access a wide range of professionally crafted digital assets.
  • Support Independent Creators: Every purchase helps support independent designers and creators globally.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily find and purchase the assets you need with Creative Market’s intuitive platform.

How to Make the Most of Your Membership

  1. Apply Your Discount: Enjoy 20% off on every purchase from the Creative Market catalog.
  2. Download Free Monthly Assets: Receive up to $1,000 worth of free assets each month to fuel your creativity.
  3. Stay Inspired: Use the curated assets to keep your designs fresh and on-trend.

Creative Project Ideas

  • Website Design: Use Fresh Buttercream fonts and graphics to create a sleek and modern website.
  • Marketing Materials: Design eye-catching brochures, flyers, and social media posts with unique assets from Creative Market.
  • Branding: Develop a cohesive brand identity using a combination of Fresh Buttercream elements and custom fonts.

Discover More Creations

Explore unique fonts and design assets crafted by talented creators worldwide. Creative Market is a treasure trove of inspiration waiting for you!


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