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Consumer Cellular offers a promotion with the code FIRSTYEAR15, where you can save $5 off your Consumer Cellular plan for a year. Their plans start as low as $15 a month

Consumer Cellular offers a promotion with the code FIRSTYEAR15, where you can save $5 off your Consumer Cellular plan for a year. Their plans start as low as $15 a month


  • Save 20% off your first year of service with code FIRSTYEAR15.
  • Plans start as low as $15 per month for the first year.

Comparison to competitors:

Consumer Cellular focuses on providing affordable plans, especially for users aged 50 and above. They offer:

  • No contracts: You can switch providers at any time without a penalty.
  • Simple plans: They offer a limited number of plans with clear pricing, making it easier to choose the right one for your needs.
  • U.S.-based customer support: They have received awards for their customer service, which is available via phone, chat, and app.

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Carrier: Consumer Cellular is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses the network towers of major carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon.

Who is Consumer Cellular For?

Consumer Cellular targets the 50+ demographic and is known for its simplicity, value, and customer service. They offer a range of plans, including single-line postpaid plans starting at $20 per month for 1 GB of data, with unlimited minutes and texts. They also offer plans with 5 GB for $25/month, 10 GB for $35/month, and an unlimited data plan (up to 50 GB of high-speed data) for $50/month. Family discounts are available, making the service even more economical for multiple users​​.

However, Consumer Cellular might not be the best option for everyone, especially those who:

  • Need a lot of data: Their data plans are generally smaller than those offered by major carriers.
  • Want the latest features: They may not offer the newest smartphones or the fastest data speeds.

Always watch your data usage, there may be overages:

Consumer Cellular automatically upgrades customers who exceed their plan’s data limit to a higher plan, which could result in higher monthly charges if you’re not monitoring your usage closely​​.

Consumer Cellular Tops the List in Customer Service:

In terms of customer service, Consumer Cellular has received high praise. It’s ranked #1 among wireless providers by J.D. Power for its customer service. The company offers U.S.-based customer service representatives, and although there might be high call volumes at times, the feedback on the support received is generally positive​​.

Can you bring your own phone to Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular also allows you to bring your own devices or purchase new ones, including a range of Apple and Android phones. This flexibility, along with their partnership with retailers like Target for in-store support, adds to the convenience of their service offering​​​​.

What Reddit Users Say About Consumer Cellular:

Reddit reviews:


  • Several users report positive experiences with Consumer Cellular, praising their affordable plans, excellent customer service (including live representatives and assistance with phone transfers), and good network coverage (previously on AT&T, user unsure about current network).
  • One user highlights the benefit of no contracts and the ability to bring your own phone.
  • Another Redditor considered Mint Mobile for its pricing but was unsure about T-Mobile’s network coverage in their area.


  • A user who switched to AT&T prepaid found it to be even cheaper than Consumer Cellular while offering more data.
  • Another user experienced gradual price increases over time, finding it deceptive.
  • One user had to use two different providers (Consumer Cellular and US Mobile) to accommodate their Apple Watch and phone needs, finding it inconvenient.


Reviews are mixed, with some users praising Consumer Cellular for their affordability, customer service, and network coverage, while others found cheaper alternatives or experienced price increases.


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