Valentine’s Day Sale Starts Today at! Save Up to 20% Sitewide with Code VDAY24 through 2/14

Belkin’s Valentine’s Day sale is now live, and you can save up to 20% sitewide on a wide variety of tech gifts for your sweetheart (or yourself!). Just use code VDAY20 at checkout.

Belkin 20% sitewide coupon code VDAY20 valentines day Feb 2024.

Whether you’re looking for a new wireless charger, a pair of noise-canceling headphones, or a stylish phone case, Belkin has something for everyone. And with savings of up to 20%, you can be sure to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

Here are a few of our top picks from the Belkin Valentine’s Day sale:

  • MagSafe Wireless Charger: This handy charger is perfect for iPhone 12 and 13 users. It snaps magnetically to your phone, so you can charge it up without having to fumble with cords.
  • BoostCharge Pro Wireless Charging Stand: This stand charges your phone in portrait or landscape mode, so you can always see your notifications. It also supports fast charging, so you can get your phone juiced up quickly.
  • SoundForm True Wireless Earbuds: These earbuds deliver rich, clear sound and up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge. They’re also sweatproof, so you can wear them to the gym or on a run.
  • ScreenForce Tempered Glass Screen Protector: This screen protector will help keep your phone’s screen safe from scratches and dings. It’s also easy to apply and remove.

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Chargers for All Your Devices

Belkin understands the importance of keeping your devices charged and ready for action. That’s why they offer a wide range of chargers to suit every need:

  • USB-C Chargers: For the latest devices that use USB-C, Belkin offers fast and efficient chargers to keep your gadgets powered up.
  • Apple Watch Chargers: Keep your Apple Watch ready to go with Belkin’s Apple Watch chargers, designed for convenience and reliability.
  • Car Chargers: Stay charged on the go with Belkin’s car chargers, ensuring your devices are ready wherever you are.
  • Portable Chargers & Power Banks: Don’t let a low battery slow you down. Belkin’s portable chargers and power banks are perfect for life on the move.
  • Wall Chargers: Fast and convenient, Belkin’s wall chargers are essential for keeping your devices topped up at home or the office.
  • Wireless Chargers: Say goodbye to messy cords and enjoy the simplicity of wireless charging with Belkin’s cutting-edge technology.

Docks & Hubs for Ultimate Connectivity

Belkin also offers a range of docks and hubs to enhance your connectivity and productivity:

  • Thunderbolt Docks: Maximize your Thunderbolt connection with Belkin’s docks, perfect for high-speed data transfer and charging.
  • USB-C Docks: Simplify your workspace with USB-C docks that offer multiple ports for seamless connectivity.
  • USB & USB-C Hubs: Belkin’s USB and USB-C hubs are versatile tools for expanding your device’s capabilities.

Protect Your Devices with Screen Protectors

Preserve the pristine look of your screens with Belkin’s screen protectors. They offer comprehensive protection against scratches and smudges, ensuring your devices always look their best.

Immerse Yourself in Audio Quality

Belkin also caters to audio enthusiasts with a range of audio products:

  • Earbuds and Headphones: Enjoy crystal-clear audio with Belkin’s earbuds and headphones, perfect for music lovers and podcast enthusiasts.
  • Speakers and Audio Adapters: Elevate your audio experience with Belkin’s high-quality speakers and audio adapters.
  • Kids’ Headphones and Earbuds: Ensure your little ones can enjoy their favorite tunes safely with Belkin’s kid-friendly audio accessories.

Cables and Adapters Galore

Belkin knows the importance of reliable cables and adapters for seamless connectivity:

  • USB-C Cables: Stay connected with Belkin’s USB-C cables, designed for durability and high-speed data transfer.
  • Audio / Video Cables: Enjoy pristine audio and video quality with Belkin’s top-notch audio/video cables.
  • Charging Cables: Keep your devices powered up with Belkin’s reliable charging cables.
  • Computer Cables: Enhance your computing experience with Belkin’s high-quality computer cables.
  • Adapters: Belkin’s adapters ensure compatibility and versatility for your devices, covering audio, video, Ethernet, HDMI, Lightning, and USB-C needs.

The Belkin Valentine’s Day sale is a great opportunity to find the perfect tech gift for your loved one. Use code VDAY20 to save a fantastic 20% sitewide from January 29th to February 14th. Show your devices some love this Valentine’s Day with Belkin’s high-quality tech accessories. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals and make your tech life better than ever!

Shop the Belkin Valentine’s Day sale today!


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