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Bartesian: The Keurig for Cocktails

The Bartesian is often dubbed the “Keurig for cocktails”—a smart kitchen gadget that combines syrup-based pods with separate containers of spirits to create instant, well-mixed drinks. It’s like having a live-in bartender at your service!

Cocktails for Mom, $50 Off. 60+ cocktail options. 30 seconds for each.

This Mother’s Day, ditch the flowers and give Mom the gift of relaxation (and delicious cocktails!) Bartesian is offering up to $50 off their cocktail machine, making it easier than ever to whip up her favorite drinks at home. No mess, no measuring, just perfectly crafted cocktails in seconds. Treat Mom (and yourself) this Mother’s Day!

Design and Features

  • The Bartesian stands at 12.6 inches tall, with a sleek nozzle assembly reminiscent of a Keurig machine.
  • An overhanging nozzle, complete with a lever, opens up to reveal the compartment for drink pods.
  • The top of the nozzle features a 3-inch touch LCD that provides information, instructions, and maintenance features.
  • The Bartesian requires you to fill five glass bottles with your own spirits: whiskey, vodka, tequila, and either rum or gin.
  • Each bottle has a special valve, allowing you to insert them upside-down into the gaskets on the base.
  • The square base features a textured rubber mat to collect any spillage (the pods can occasionally leak when removed).
  • Cleaning and filling are easy, thanks to detachable components.

What are the Costs of the Bartesian?

The Bartesian machines are a significant investment, with prices ranging from $300 to $370, and the cost of cocktail capsules, which goes for $15-$20 per box, can add up over time. However, for those who frequently host parties or enjoy having a variety of cocktail options available without the hassle of stocking numerous ingredients, the Bartesian presents a worthwhile investment.


  • Convenience: Effortlessly whip up cocktails without measuring or muddling.
  • Variety: Choose from a vast selection of classic and innovative cocktails.
  • Portion Control: Consistent, pre-measured drinks ensure responsible consumption.
  • Ease of Use: Simple operation makes it perfect for cocktail novices.


  • Cost: The machine itself requires an initial investment.
  • Capsule Dependency: Relies on purchasing Bartesian’s spirit capsules, which can add up over time.
  • Limited Customization: Recipes are pre-programmed, offering little room for personalization.

Here’s what a Reddit user shared about their experience with Bartesian.

It only prepares drinks that from the pods they sell. You won’t find any drink pods made for Baileys or other specific mixers. The pod is the mixer, and it has a bar code that Bartesian scans to know which alcohol and how much to add.

The machine will only prepare drinks that require the 5 types of alcohol it can hold. If you enjoy pod drinks, this machine is perfect for that, but it won’t replace hand mixing cocktails completely if you like a variety of drinks.

I enjoy making a quick margarita with very little effort. If I want a White Russian, I’ll have to make it myself.


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