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Amazon is a shopper’s paradise, but it can also be a maze of prices. Fear not, deal hunters! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate Amazon’s discounts and snag the best bargains.

Deal hunters! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate Amazon's discounts and snag the best bargains.

How to Find Deals on Amazon

Lightning Deals

  • What are Amazon Lightning Deals? These are limited-time discounts that can last for as little as a few hours. The quantity for any given deal is always limited, and when they sell out, the deal is done.
  • Where to Find Them:
    • On the Amazon website:
      1. Go to the Today’s Deals page (found in the list of shortcuts at the top of the Amazon home page).
      2. Scroll down to the Deal Type section on the left side of the screen and click Lightning deal.
    • On the Amazon mobile app:
      1. Tap the three-line menu at the bottom of the screen.
      2. Choose Deals & Savings.
      3. Tap Today’s Deals and then select Filters.
      4. Scroll down and tap Lightning deal.
  • Prime Bonus: Prime members can see upcoming Lightning Deals before they start, helping them prepare and snag great deals before they sell out.

Treasure Hunting on Amazon

  • Today’s Deals: This is your one-stop shop for daily markdowns. Access it from the main menu or [search for “Today’s Deals” on Amazon]. Here, you’ll find Lightning Deals (limited-time offers) and Deals of the Day (discounted products that change daily).
  • Coupons: Amazon’s hidden gem! The Amazon clip “Coupons” page, you can access them through the Today’s Deals page. Look for the “Coupons” section and browse by category or search for specific brands/products.
  • Amazon Warehouse: Score deep discounts on pre-owned, used, or open-box items. Amazon Warehouse ensures quality with thorough testing. Find Warehouse deals using the search bar, browsing the storefront, or on product pages (look for the “Used from…” option).
  • Amazon Outlet: Discover last-season styles or overstock items at discounted prices in the Amazon Outlet. Explore specific department outlets like Amazon Fashion Outlet for incredible savings.

Subscribe and Save:

  • Opt for the Subscribe and Save program to enjoy discounts on recurring deliveries of everyday essentials like groceries, household items, and personal care products.
  • By subscribing to eligible products, you can unlock additional savings and enjoy the convenience of automatic deliveries without the hassle of reordering.

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s original private label brand, launched in 2009. It offers a wide range of products, including home goods, electronics, travel essentials, office supplies, and more. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon Basics:

  1. Quality at a Lower Price:
    • Amazon Basics products are designed to provide high quality while being affordable, offering everyday essentials at a fraction of the price of name brands.. They often cost less than name-brand alternatives.
    • Whether you’re looking for charging cables, batteries, kitchen gadgets, or office supplies, Amazon Basics offers a budget-friendly option.

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