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First of all, sirius xm offers a free trial so you can test the service before committing to a subscription. During the free trial period, you can listen to all of the premium channels on the Sirius xm network but cannot access any additional features. You will have to contact sirius xm if you experience any technical issues during this free trial period. Additionally, note that you will only have one week after your first radio transmission to complete the free trial. After that week is up, you must either cancel your subscription or contact sirius xm with any technical issues youre experiencing.

No matter which method you choose, getting a free trial with Sirius XM is easy- it just takes some initiative on your part! If you’re interested in trying out satellite radio before committing to a monthly subscription, visit Sirius XM Startmytrial and sign up for a free trial! If you’d like extra time to decide if satellite radio is right for you


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