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You see it every day, housing prices going up, worries of inflation, oil prices soaring. What can you do in times like this when it seems like the value of your dollar keeps getting less and less every day? Let’s take a look at a bunch of tips and strategies to help you save money and spend less!

Becoming debt free or getting out of debt with money saving techniques.

There seems to be this natural high you get when you save money. You feel good. It feels like you’re sticking it to the salesman. You want to be the one that wins like when you walk out of a dealership you wanna feel like they took it on the chin not you.

Lets go through the steps of ways to save you money and get back on track.

Keep track of your spending and review it each month.

By keeping track of your spending each month, and really taking a look at what you’ve spent, you can really start to see leaks in your wallet. It might be hundreds of dollars on coffee at Starbucks. Something you can cut dramatically by making coffee at home and taking it to work. (Coffee you bought with coupons!) more on that later.

There are a couple websites out there you can take a look at that keep track of your spending and expenses. One popular website is truebill and another one is

Learn how to pay yourself first.

This is a tried and true method too really teach yourself how to save money. To build that bank account. How it works is each month you set a certain percentage that you wanna put away for yourself before you pay all your bills. Do what feels comfortable to you, a lot of people like to start with 10% if you can do more even better!

You could even take from the above example where the money is spent at Starbucks becomes the money you save by buying coffee at home and now you’ve got a couple hundred dollars a month to put into savings.

Find deals and coupons to cut your expenses even further

I can’t believe how many deals are out there to be found in a simple we form as apps on your phone. I never go grocery shopping without checking weekly deals and savings on my apps. This isn’t limited to groceries either, food, restaurants, retailers and so much more.

Let’s face it, businesses mark their products up so there’s always room for negotiation and this can be exploited through the use of coupon codes, promo codes and clipping coupons.

I used to think shopping at Macy’s was only for the rich, but when you compare Macy’s coupon codes or Famous Footwear deals to other retailers their prices are actually pretty reasonable.

Don’t be afraid to buy generic – they use the same ingredients

Many people believe that buying generic is that it’s less effective or lower quality. But this isn’t true. There are regulations that the generic companies are held to just like the name brand companies.

For example, I was shopping at Walgreens last week and needed some health and wellness products. They had buy one get the second for half off – or Walgreens BOGO on their generic brands that Walgreens provides. The savings were incredible vs paying for name brand for the same thing. Not only did I get 50% off the second item, the initial item was almost 40% cheaper than the original.

Bonus 5 quick tips to grow and save money

  • Using a site like Truebill will help on this tip. This one is get rid of those subscriptions and monthly recurring items you are spending. Free trials are a great way to suck people in to these.
  • Cord cutting- the cast of cable and satellite continuously seemed to increase. So there are ways you can save by signing up for streaming services that are much cheaper. Especially over Black Friday! They had 6 and 12 months deals for only a dollar on a couple streaming services. Don’t think that we didn’t take advantage of that.
  • Price shop your insurance rates, one company could be hundreds more per year than others. It costs you nothing to check, give it a review every year. You can shop for Health Insurance here and Auto Insurance here.
  • Save big when you buy refurbished. I’ve bought plenty of refurbished electronics and 30, 40 even 50% off. It comes with the original warranty, certified by either the manufacturer or partner of the manufacturer.
  • Save a ton of money lowering your energy bill. TURN OFF THOSE LIGHTS, unplug appliances while not in use. Energy can be expensive, but doesn’t have to!

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