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What are the Health Benefits of CBD Goat Milk Soap?

Goat milk soap has it’s own benefits, but when combined with CBD it seems to become a superpower of positive effects on skin, skin care and overall skin health and appearance. Here is a list of the health benefits associated with Goat Milk combined with CBD.

  • Since CBD has anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties, your skin will look youthful and fresh
  • The combination of CBD and Goat Milk keeps your skin hydrated, especially for dry, cracked, itchy and inflamed skin. CBD has a direct effect on your immune system so it’s great for psoriasis and eczema.
  • Both are effective at keeping acne at bay. The milk proteins found in goat milk fight against the acne causing bacteria found on your skin. The CBD oil in soap keep your sebaceous glands in check so they aren’t over acting.
  • Goat Milk is high in MCT or (Medium Chain Triglycerides) MCT’s bond well with CBD and MCT penetrates the skin very well. Tense and sore muscles are easily reached via MCT and CBD.
  • Goat Milk is also high in enzymes and vitamins like A, D, E and K.
  • Repairs damaged skin plus balances the PH of your skin
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Relax Goat Milk CBD from Mission Farms CBD

Take a luxurious bath or hot/warm shower with the Relax CBD Goat Milk Soap, where you get an incredible 200mg of CBD in the soap, there are no harmful or harsh chemicals in this all natural soap, and the Honey/Grapefruit will sooth any inflammation, dry or cracked skin.

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Rest Goat Milk CBD from Mission Farms CBD

Wash your body down with this soothing and relaxing rest Goat Milk and CBD soap before you go to sleep and rest well from the amazing effects of the CBD and Lavender Blossom scent. This bar also comes with an amazing 200mg of CBD to soothe deep into your skin and muscles! Before you buy, get yourself a Mission Farms Goat Milk CBD coupon code!

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Reviews of Mission Farms CBD Soaps – What the customers are saying.

Winter H….says

I’ve suffered from insomnia and anxiety for years. I’ve tried different medications and preferred to go a more holistic route so a friend referred me to Mission Farms. Let me say that the Lavender Deep Sleep Soap has been one of the best purchases ever! It has reduced my anxiety and I haven’t slept this good in years. I will be a loyal customer foRead more about I’ve suffered from insomnia andr now on!!!! Thank you Mission Farms 🙂

Christine R…says

I have really enjoyed this soap! Love the addition of CBD and essential oils. Lathers well and leaves skin moisturized, but not greasy/oily/filmy. Looking forward to trying the other two I purchased!

Irene R….says

This soap is wonderful and just purchased 3 more bars.

Does not dry out skin nor harsh and the aroma is fabulous.

Great product

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