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Get a great deal on your phone with US Cellular (4 lines with unlimited data, strong signal, fast speeds and 5g ready) for only $30 per month, and on top of that you can take $450 off or put $450 in your pocket… however you want to look at it with their promotion to turn in your old phone to them!

US Cellular $30 a Month Plan Details

You will need to have an unlimited basic plan and agree to the customer service docs. There isn’t hotspot functionality in the unlimited basic plan or payback credit. Existing customers can switch from unlimited evolved plans but if you have previous credits you cannot apply those to the transfer to the new pan. There are regulatory fees and additional taxes, charges, terms and coverage areas to learn more about. Read more at

US Cellular get $300 of Apple iPad

Get $300 off any iPad on Us. Free 2-day shipping on all online orders. Shop Now! shop the Apple iPad Air, Pro (12.9 and 11), Mini and others you can browse. Good through 8/19/2020. Never miss a deal when you visit our daily updated US Cellular coupon and promo code, deals and discounts page!

Get an Apple 11 on US Cellular… yes $0 when you Switch to US Cellular

That’s right, US Cellular is giving away an Apple 11 when you switch to them, no trade-in required. Free 2 day shipping! Good through Sept 24th, 2020!


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