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ASUS Part Number:90MB1170-MVAAY0 (with Wifi and Bluetooth)
90MB1180-M0AAY0 (no Wifi or Blutooth)

Gamers looking for this sweet motherboard and $20 cheaper when you check out this Amazon link. You can get this as soon as June 13th if you order today. According to the reviews this is listed as one of the top Motherboards in the $200 range, best of all you get it at sub $200 so enjoy that.

Get 12 + 2 hase VRM’s as well as 2 M.2 slots, not many motherboards currently offer this especially at this price point, most offer the 8 +2 hase VRM. This one currently doesn’t offer Wifi and I believe bluetooth but doublecheck to be sure.

Either way at this price you can get yourself a great motherboard at this price point and add video cards and upgrade memory to set yourself up with a solid motherboard at a sub 200 dollar price. Take a look and compare to other boards on Amazon here.


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