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Whether you are a sprinter, long distance runner or an athlete of some sorts, New Balance shoes have been recommended by Orthopedic Drs, compared to other running shoes, the quality and pricing is definitely another plus to these shoes. So if you are looking for some New Balance running shoes let’s get to it and find some online stores with some great deals on New Balance sneakers.

Famous Footwear has the newest selection of New Balance Shoes and many other brands.

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear doesn’t have quite the deals like JoesNewBalanceOutlet but there are several current New Balance shoes with their cheapest shoes just under $40 and most are in the 50-60 dollar range. There are occasionally Famous Footwear coupon codes to watch for to get those prices down.

Famous Footwear has New Balance Sandals and Shoes including new arrivals and sale items, with prices averaging $40 – $70. These prices aren’t current so check the website for latest pricing.

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) – Has a great New Balance clearance / closeout section with a lot of shoes to choose from.

Up to 70% Off Clearance Items at Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports has an impressive selection of New Balance shoes to choose from, especially in the clearance section. With pricing in the $30 range at the low end and some $90 shoes at the high end. Many shoes are in the $40-60 range. You will need to click the Eastern Mountain Sports link and then on the left side of the page scroll down in the brand section to New Balance to find just those deals. You may be able to save even more on these prices if you use the Eastern Mountain Sports coupon codes at checkout if this includes clearance items.

Eastern Mountain Sports New Balance clearance section has pricing from the low $30s to the $60 range here and some as high as $90 but there is a good selection.

HolaBird Sports Check Out the Closeout Section for Deals and Discounts on New Balance shoes and many other athletic apparel / shoes.

HolaBird Sports new balance clearance / closeout section has a large selection of closeout sports apparel and shoes section. Please note these prices are for example only, they may or may not be current pricing.

HolaBird sports doesn’t have the cheapest pricing on shoes, as compared to the previous shoe discounters above, or the selection. (Pricing was more into the $80-$100 range, this may be due to higher tiered shoes or maybe newer selection. If high quality and newer selection is what you are after then HolaBird sports may be the right choice, otherwise, we recommend the sites above for superior pricing on New Balance clearance and closeout prices. There were some HolaBird sports coupon codes and promo codes that would bring the $100 shoes to around $75 and the $80 shoes to the low $60 range, so this might be something to consider.


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