Amazon Associates Link Generator with Search Keywords

This tool allows you to effortlessly create Amazon affiliate links with customized search keywords. If you're an Amazon Associate and just starting out, or been around the block for some time... this generator streamlines the process of creating affiliate links, saving you time and effort.

How to Use:

  1. Amazon URL: Enter the URL of the Amazon page you want to promote. Since your using search terms entering either or will typically be all you need here. As the search terms will take care of the output page from here.

  2. Amazon Associates ID: Input your unique Amazon Associates ID. This ID is necessary for tracking sales generated through your affiliate links.

  3. Search Keywords: Provide relevant search keywords to customize the Amazon product search. These keywords will help direct users to products related to your niche or content.

  4. Anchor Text: Enter the anchor text you'd like to use for your affiliate link. This text will be clickable and visible to your audience.

  5. Click the Generate Links button to create your customized Amazon affiliate link and HTML code.


  • Ensure all fields are filled out before generating the link.
  • The generated URL will include your Amazon Associates ID and the provided search keywords, optimizing it for potential sales.
  • You can copy the generated URL and HTML code directly to use in your blog posts, websites, or social media platforms.

Start monetizing your content effortlessly with this Amazon Associates Link Generator!


Output Url:

Output Html: