Orion CC6 6" Classical Cassegrain Telescope

Orion CC6 6
Orion CC6 6" Classical Cassegrain Telescope
Get ready for some high-power observation and imaging with our new CC6 6" Classical Cassegrain! The Classical Cassegrain design hasn't gotten much play among amateur astronomers because they haven't been available except in very large sizes at very high prices. But all that is about to change. Our 6" f/12 Classical Cassegrain excels for high-resolution lunar and planetary viewing and imaging, and will get you in close on tight objects such as globular clusters and planetary nebulas. It's a compelling new offering for those wanting serious magnifying capability but in a compact form factor. With an optional 10mm eyepiece you're already probing at 183x magnification! The Classical Cassegrain optical design utilizes a parabolic primary mirror and a hyperbolic secondary mirror, which for the CC6 allow a long, "folded" focal length of 1836mm in a tube just 20.5" long and weighing 12 lbs. That means the CC6 is easily supported on a modest-size mount such as the Orion Sirius EQ-G. Both mirro
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