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O&O DiskImage Server Edition - Protect your company against data loss with our system and data Backup. - Click Here for Full Details
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O&O BlueCon - Das Rettungssystem, wenn ein Rechner oder Server nicht mehr startet! - Click Here for Full Details
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O&O AutoBackup - O&O AutoBackup sichert und synchronisiert automatisch ausgewhlte Dateien und Ordner mit einem externen Sicherungsmedium, so dass im Falle eines Datenverlustes sofort auf diese Daten zugegriffen werden kann. Hierfr ist keine zustzliche Anwendung notwendig, der Windows-Explorer reicht aus. O&O AutoBackup kann Dateien und Verzeichnisse schnell und automatisch sichern. Mchte ein Anwender beispielsweise seine Fotos und Videos auf einer externen USB-Festplatte sichern, dann bernimmt O&O AutoBackup nicht nur die Originaldateien, sondern auch alle nderungen, die zuknftig an den Dateien und Verzeichnis - Click Here for Full Details
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O&O DiskImage Server Edition - Schutz vor Datenverlust mit unserer System- und Datensicherung. - Click Here for Full Details

O&O Software: A Brief Overview

O&O Software GmbH was established in 1997 in Berlin, Germany by founders Oliver Falkenthal and Olaf Kehrer. Interestingly, the name “O&O” originated back in 1991 when they founded O&O Systemtechnik GbR, a company that initially offered software specifically for students while the founders were still studying. The name “O&O” came about spontaneously because both founders’ first names begin with the letter “O.”

Over the years, O&O has become synonymous with “Tools for Windows.” Their mission was to develop high-quality software solutions for data management and protection. With customers and partners in over 140 countries, O&O is now a leading manufacturer of system tools for the Windows operating system. As a Microsoft Partner, they stand at the forefront of new Windows technology, providing crucial added value to customers. Notably, 76% of companies listed in DAX and 43% of those in the “Forbes 100 International” use O&O products.

O&O Software Offerings

O&O Software develops award-winning Windows software across various domains. Here are some of their key offerings:

  1. O&O DiskImage: This backup software allows you to create images of your entire computer or specific files. It ensures data security and recovery. This ensures that all data, applications, and system settings are safely backed up and can be restored in case of a system failure. While there is a free 30-day trial version, the full Professional Edition is available for purchase.

    Key features of O&O DiskImage include:

    • Incremental and differential backups: Saves time and storage space by only backing up changes since the last backup.
    • Boot medium support: Allows users to restore their system even if the computer won't boot.
  2. O&O SafeErase: Protect your privacy by securely deleting files, partitions, and entire systems. Thus ensuring that files cannot be recovered by any means. This is particularly useful for sensitive information and for users who are disposing of or selling their computers.The Home Edition is available for $19.95 USD.
  3. O&O Defrag: O&O’s defragmentation tool optimizes your drives, improving performance and extending hardware lifespan. The new O&O Defrag 28 brings exciting features:
    • Bitlocker Support: O&O IntensiveOptimize now integrates with BitLocker, allowing transparent processing of BitLocker-encrypted system partitions.
    • Check & Repair for Recovery Environments: Ensures your Windows rescue environment works flawlessly.
    • Remote Control via O&O Syspectr: Manage O&O Defrag on all your machines remotely, optimizing performance and reliability across your network.
    • Improved SSD optimization: Ensures the longevity and performance of solid-state drives.
    • Enhanced algorithms: Provides faster and more efficient defragmentation processes.
    • Automatic optimization: Offers continuous monitoring and optimization of disks in the background.

Is O&O Free?

The primary question for many potential users is whether O&O software products are available for free. While O&O Software offers free trials for most of their products, full versions typically require a purchase. The free trials allow users to test the software's capabilities and decide if it meets their needs before committing to a purchase.

Free vs. Paid:

O&O offers a mix of free and paid software. O&O ShutUp10++ is a great free option for privacy control. However, most of their core optimization and data management tools come with paid licenses. They often provide trial versions to let you test them before buying.


In summary, O&O Software offers powerful tools for Windows optimization, data imaging, backup, secure data deletion, and administration. While some products have free trials, the full versions come with a reasonable price tag. O&O Defrag 28, with its new features, continues to enhance system performance and longevity. Remember, keeping your PC in top shape means it will serve you better and last longer!